This sample is included with the C++, Python and the Java editions of OpenRTM-aist.


This sample shows how to use InPort and OutPort. When you start the SeqIn and SeqOut components, a GUI or console screen will be displayed. Both SeqIn and SeqOut have the following types of DataPort. TimedShort, TimedLong, TimedFLoat, TimedDouble, TimedShortSeq, TimedLongSeq, TimedFLoatSeq, TimedDoubleSeq, Output of each port are determined by random numbers, and when each port is connected, the output value of SeqOut and the input value of SeqIn are shown on the GUI or console screens. (Use RTSystemEditor for connection between ports.)


Running the SeqIO sample.

The SeqIO sample viewed in RTSystemEditor.

How to use

The SeqIO sample is a sample that sends numerical data continuously from the output of SeqOut. And the data is sent to the data port of SeqIn. Both output data and input data are displayed on each GUI / console screen. Connection of the corresponding ports of SeqOut and SeqIn are done on RTSystemEditor. When both components are activated, not only SeqOut but also the numerical value on the SeqIn GUI / console changes continuously, and you can observe the input and output of the data port.

You can execute this sample using the following procedure.
    • Start RTSystemEditor.
    • Run SeqIn and SeqOut components. Starting the components varies Depend on the OS and OpenRTM-aist version. Please refer to the following table.
Windows Linux
SeqIn component SeqOut component SeqIn component SeqOut component
C++ SeqIn.bat SeqOut.bat SeqInComp SeqOutComp
Python SeqIn.bat SeqOut.bat
Java SeqIn.bat SeqOut.bat
    • Both components are shown in the Name Service View of RTSystemEditor. Add the RT-Components to the System Editor.
    • Drag and drop between each ports to connect them.
    • Right-click one of the components and activate the components by selecting [Activate Systems]


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

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