This sample is included with C ++, Python and Java versions of OpenRTM-aist.


Sample of how to use InPort and OutPort. Start the ConsoleIn and ConsoleOut components. When the ports are connected, the numbers entered on the ConsoleIn side are displayed on the ConsoleOut side. Ports can be connected by executing rtshell commands in addition to using RTSystemEditor.

Start screen

SimpleIO execution example (RTSystemEditor connection screen)

Execution example of ConsoleIn and ConsoleOut components

How to use

The sample of SimpleIO is a sample that sends the number input by ConsoleIn from the data port to ConsoleOut and displays the same number on ConsoleOut side. Enter a number from the ConsoleIn screen. Then the number entered in ConsoleOut will be output.

  • Start OpenRTP and open RTSystemEditor. See RTSystemEditor for details on how to use RTSystemEditor
  • Start both ConsoleIn and ConsoleOut components. Component startup differs depending on the OS and OpenRTM-aist language. Start by referring to the table below.
For Windows For Linux
ConsoleIn component ConsoleOut component ConsoleIn component ConsoleOut component
C++ version ConsoleIn.bat ConsoleOut.bat ConsoleInComp ConsoleOutComp
Python version ConsoleIn.bat ConsoleOut.bat
Java version ConsoleIn.bat ConsoleOut.bat
  • Drag both components onto the SystemEditor as both components appear in the Name Service View of RTSystemEditor.
  • Connect the ports of both components. (Refer to SimpleIO execution example above)
  • Right-click either component and select [Activate Systems].
  • The "Please input number:" prompt appears on the ConsoleIn screen. Enter the number.
  • The number is displayed on the ConsoleOut screen.


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

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