OpenRTP (former RTCBuilder,RTSystemEditor) 1.1.0-RC4 has been released

19 Feb , 2013


OpenRTP (former RTCBuilder,RTSystemEditor) 1.1.0-RC4 has been released. Available from here.

Tools including RTCBUilder and RTSystemEditor are now called OpenRTP (Open RT Platform). RTCBuilder and RTSystemEditor had been based on Eclipse-3.4.x. From this version RC4, these tools are based on Eclipse-3.8 and all-in-one packages are available here. Eclipse-3.7, Eclipse-4.2 based all-in-one packages are also provided experimentally.

Bugs in Linux and Mac OS X have been fixed.

latest Releases

For Begginers

Windows msi(installer) package (only trying samples)

Development environment is required for RT-Component development. See download page for details.

Number of Projects


Motion editor/Dynamics simulator


Dynamics simulator


Integrated Development Platform

AIST RTC collection

RT-Components collection by AIST


Tokyo Opensource Robotics Association


Middleware for DAQ (Data Aquisition) by KEK