RT System Editor

The RT System Editor settings can be accessed from the Window menu's Preferences... option, and selecting RT System Editor.

Connection Period

The connection period determines how often RT System Editor collects the system information and refreshes its information displays. The unit is milliseconds. If zero is specified, no synchronisation is performed.

Connection period setting

Setting Colours

This screen allows the colours used in the System Editor to indicate various states to be configured. For information on what each state means, see RTC Display.

Colour settings screen

Offline Editor

This screen allows the parameters selectable at port connection time to be set. When connecting ports, the selectable values for the options "Interface Type," "Data Flow Type," and "Subscription Type" are as set here. For details on the meaning of these, see the data port connections section.


RT Name Service View

Connection Settings

The connection period determins how often the Name Service View gathers information and refreshes its displays. The unit is milliseconds. If zero is specified, synchronisation is disabled. The default port number determines the default port used in the Connect Name Server dialog when adding a name server to the name service view without explicitly specifying a port.

Connection settings screen

Synchronisation settings

The timeout value determines how long to wait when attempting to connect during synchronisation. The units are milliseconds.

Synchronisation settings screen

The effects of the connection period and timeout value are illustrated below. In this example, the period is 1000ms and the timeout is 100ms.

Effect of the connection period and timeout settings


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

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