Installing RTSystemEditor


RTSystemEditor is one of the OpenRTM-aist development tools. It allows RT Components to be manipulated in real-time using a graphical interface. It is implemented as a plugin for the Eclipse IDE, allowing seamless operation from within Eclipse and integration with existing plugins.

Functional Overview

The functions offered by RTSystemEditor are given below.

Function Overview
Display and edit component configurations The configuration profiles of the selected component is displayed in the Configuration View, and can be edited there.
Change component behaviour Select components and change their behaviour (active state, etc).
Combine components Retrieve components from a repository or load them from the file system and combine them together into a system using the System Editor.
Save and open systems Save the contents of the System Editor and load it again at a later date.
Restore systems Use saved System Editor states to restore a system of connected RT Components.

Operating Environment

The following must be installed for RTSystemEditor to function.

Software Remarks
Java Development Kit 6 Note: Java1.5 (5.0) is not suitable.
Eclipse 3.4.2 Eclipse itself
Eclipse EMF 2.2.4 EMF+SDO Runtime and XSD Runtime Eclipse plugin required by RT System Editor
Eclipse GEF 3.2.2 Eclipse plugin required by RT System Editor

Installing RTSystemEditor

Because RTSystemEditor is an Eclipse plugin, it requires Eclipse to be installed. Eclipse is written in Java, so it in turn requires a Java environment to be set up before it can be installed (such as the JDK).


Installing RT System Editor

Start Eclipse and select Open Perspective->Other from the Window menu. The perspective selection dialog will be displayed.


Select RTSystemEditor from the list to open its perspective.


If RTSystemEditor is not available in the list of perspectives, check that EMF, GEF and XSD are all correctly installed, and that the RTSystemEditor plugin is in the correct directory.

Restart Eclipse

After confirming that RTSystemEditor starts, restart Eclipse using the same workspace. RTSystemEditor should be displayed as it was when you exited Eclipse.

reference:''FAQ:'' How to start Eclipse


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

2.0.0-RELESE Download page

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