rtshell (CUI tools)

rtshell provides a set of tools for managing RT-Components and RT-Systems from a command-line shell. It is a replacement for RTSystemEditor designed for low-resource systems (such as robot control computers), and for scripting. Components can be activated, etc, and connections made without using RTSystemEditor or a GUI. rtshell commands can be used from shell scripting languages (such as batch files and Bashscript), allowing complex operations to be automated.


rtshell requires omniORB-py 4.x or newer. If you have not installed OpenRTM-python, then download omniORB-py from the omniORB website and install it before using rtshell.

Some commands require the Python version of OpenRTM. It is recommended that you download it from the website and install it before using rtshell.

Before installing the latest version of rtshell, ensure that the previous version has been completely uninstalled.

rtshell can be installed using pip, the Python package installer.

  pip install rtshell

pip will automatically install the required dependencies that are also available as packages (rtctree and rtsprofile).

The rtshell package page is here

Source code

For OpenRTM-aist versions 1.1.0 and newer.

rtshell source code github page
Click "Download ZIP"


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

2.0.0-RELESE Download page

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