View (Configuration View)

This section explains the configuration view.

Configuration view position

In the configuration view, you can display/edit the configuration of the selected RTC. A list of CofigurationSets is displayed on the left side, and the properties in the ConfigurationSet are displayed on the right side.

Configuration view

Screen configuration of configuration view

No. Description
Name of the selected component.
Selected ConfigurationSet name.
Active ConfigurationSet. Also, you can change the active ConfigurationSet.
List of ConfigurationSet.
Name of the property of the ConfigurationSet selected on the left.
The property value of the ConfigurationSet selected on the left.
Button to add/delete ConfigurationSet.
Button to add/delete properties.
button to open the edit value setting dialog and apply/cancel the change contents.

The information being edited in the configuration view is not applied until the [Apply] button in ⑨ is clicked. In addition, the information being modified (not applied) is displayed in red.

Configuration view being modified

To edit the setting value of the configuration Click the [Edit Value] button of ⑨ to open the dialog for editing and edit.

Configuration edit dialog

If there are multiple ConfigurationSets, you can switch the editing targets with the tab (⑩) at the top of the dialog.
For each configuration parameter, you can specify widget for editing, and if the widget type is defined in ConfigurationSet, you can edit the parameter with the specified widget (⑪). The widget type includes a slider, a spinner, a radio button, a check box, and an ordered list, and if there is no specification of widget type, a text box is used by default.
In addition, constraint conditions can be specified for each parameter, and when the widget type is a slider or spin, it is necessary to specify the constraint condition. If the corresponding widget type is defined and the constraint condition is not specified, it becomes the default text box.

widget type list

widget type image description
Select the minimum value and maximum value range specified by the constraint with the slider. You can also enter text boxes.
Select the minimum and maximum range specified by the constraint with the spinner. The decimal precision conforms to the description of the minimum and maximum values ​​of the constraint. However, negative numbers can not be specified.
Example) When the maximum value is "10.00", decimal 2 digits
Radio button
Select a value with the radio button.
Select a value with the checkbox. Multiple values ​​can be selected and they are set with comma separators.
Ordered list
Select a value from the left selection list. Multiple values ​​can be selected, the order is retained, and duplication is allowed. Like the check box, the selected value is set as a comma-separated value.
Text boxes
Set with normal text input.

When constraint conditions are specified for each parameter, the constraint condition is checked against the input value, and if the condition is not satisfied, the form is indicated in red. In addition, a constraint condition check is performed for all parameters of the ConfigurationSet that was changed when editing is confirmed with the [OK] button, and if there are parameters that do not satisfy the constraint condition, an error dialog is displayed.

Display constraint check error

While checking the [Apply] check box (⑫) in the configuration edit dialog, the setting value change is reflected in RTC in real time.

The information displayed in the configuration view is cached for the latest information when RTC is selected (in preparation for configuration editing). Therefore, if you continue to select the same RTC forever, information difference with the system will occur. Please be aware that RT System Editor completely overwrites the information being edited as positive without being aware of this difference when editing is applied.
Also, on the RTC specifications, any object can be registered in the Value of the property, but only the character string can be registered/edited from RT System Editor.


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