View (Log View)

We will explain the log view here.

Log view position

The log view displays the RTC list for log collection target on the selected diagram and displays the log message notified from RTC.
You can select the RTC you want to display, and you can also filter the display according to the log level.

Log View

Screen configuration of log view

No. Description
Display a list of RTCs in the selected diagram, which is the target of log collection.
The log of the RTC with the check here is displayed.
Specify the log level threshold to be displayed.
Display log messages above the specified level.
Display log messages.
Filter the display by selection of RTC and log level designation.
The display items are as follows.
Time stamp
RTC instance name
Log notification target
Log message

When you select a diagram, a list of RTCs for log collection on the diagram is displayed in ①. The log is notified from the RTC by the log notification observer function, and the one registered as the observer becomes the log collection target.
When you select (check) the RTC whose log you want to display from the list, a message is displayed in the log display table of ③.
Log messages can also be filtered by log level. If you select the threshold level in the combo box in ②, only the logs above the selected level will be displayed. For example, if you select "INFO" in the combo box, only "ERROR" "WARN" "INFO" messages are displayed.

Filter log display


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

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