View (Composite Component View)

This section describes the composite component view.

position of composite component view

In the composite component view, the port public information of the selected composite RTC is displayed, and you can set the port public/private.

composite component view

Screen composition of composite component view

No. Description
Instance name of compound RTC.
Type name of compound RTC.
State of port public / private.
Instance name of the child RTC contained in the compound RTC.
Port name of the child RTC included in the composite RTC.
Reflects the change of port public/private.
Cancel changes made to the port public/private.

The information being edited in the composite component view is not applied until the [Apply] button in ⑥ is clicked. In addition, information being corrected (not applied) is displayed in light red. Also, the port selected on the system editor is displayed in light yellow.

Port public/private editing

Port currently selected on system editor

If the port of a composite component is connected to a port of another component, the corresponding port is grayed out in the composite component view and it is not editable.

When connected to another port


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

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