System editor (Save)

I will explain saving and opening of the system editor.

(G)Save the system editor

You can save the system editor. To save, right-click [File] or the editor in the menu and select "Save". (In "Save As ..." you can arbitrarily select the file to be saved)

System menu editor save menu context menu

If you choose to save the system, the profile information dialog opens, setting the necessary items and clicking the [OK] button saves the system information in a file.

Profile information dialog

Profile information item

Name Shape
Vendor Vendor name. An element that constitutes an identifier of the RT system. Required items.
System Name System name. An element that constitutes an identifier of the RT system. Required items.
Version Version of the system. An element that constitutes an identifier of the RT system. Required items.
Path File name to save the system. Required items.
Update Log Describe supplementary explanation of version etc.
Check Required RTC to run the RT Request RT system.

(G)Open the saved system editor

To open the saved system editor, right-click on the editor and select "Open".

Open system editor

After opening, RT System Editor updates to the latest information with the remote system as a positive. To restore the save contents to the system, please use "Open and Restore ..." described in the next section.

(G)Open and restore the saved system

To open and restore the saved system editor, right click on the editor and select "Open and Restore ..." or "Open and Quick Restore ...".

Open and restore system editor

The following contents are restored to the system.
  • Connection between ports (when there is no connector at save)
  • Configuration information
    When restoring, retrieve the remote component by searching the name service with the component's path ID.
    If "Quick Restore" is selected, before attempting to access the name service, try to acquire the remote component with the IOR saved in the profile and search from the name service if it can not be acquired.
    If restoration fails, the error contents are displayed.
    Restore Failure Error Message

In addition, RT System Editor attempts restoration as much as possible even when an error occurs.


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Windows msi(installer) package (only trying samples)


Development environment is required for RT-Component development. See download page for details.

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