Overview/Flow of system construction

(G)OpenRTM-aist RT System Editor Overview

At present OMG, specifications of Robot Technology Component (hereinafter referred to as RTC) which enhances the efficiency of robot development are being carried out. As a common platform implementing and applying this RTC specification, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Research Center for Intelligent Systems, Integrated Intelligence Research Group OpenRTM-aist is offered .
RTSystemEditor is one of the development tools included in this OpenRTM-aist, and has the function of graphically operating RTC in real time. Also, as its name suggests, it is created as a plug-in for the Eclipse integrated development environment, and you can operate seamlessly with existing plugins on Eclipse.


This document is intended for those who already have basic knowledge about RTC. For the contents of RTC, please refer to the document of OMG and here.


Here is an example screen of OpenRTM-aist RT System Editor (RTSystemEditor).

Screenshot of RTSystemEditor

(G)Functional overview

RTSystemEditor has the function of graphically operating RTC in real time. The list of functions provided is as follows.

Function overview

No. Function name Function overview
1 component configuration display / edit function Display and edit the configuration profile information of the selected component in the configuration view.
2 Component action change function Change the behavior of the selected component.
3 RT System Assembly Function Assemble the system on the system editor.
4 Save/open system function Save the contents of the system editor as an RTS profile. Open the RTS profile in the system editor. Do not change system connection and configuration)
5 System Restore Function Open the RTS profile in the system editor and restore the system based on the contents of the profile. (Restructure the system's port connection and configuration with the contents of the profile)

(G)Operating environment

The environment necessary for the operation of RTSystemEditor is as follows.

Operating environment

Environment Remarks
1 Java Development Kit 6 Note: It will not work with Java 1.5 (5.0).
2 Eclipse 3.4 and up Eclipse body
3 Eclipse EMF 2.4 or higher (including SDO, XSD) Eclipse plugin on which RTSystemEditor depends
※ will be used Please use one suitable for the version of Eclipse.
4 Eclipse GEF 3.4 or higher Eclipse plug-ins on which RTSystemEditor depends
*Please refer to the version appropriate for Eclipse version Please use it.
5 RT Name Service View Development tools included in OpenRTM-aist on which RTSystemEditor depends
6 RT Repository View Development tools included in OpenRTM-aist on which RTSystemEditor depends


RTSystemEditor was developed for OpenRTM-aist. Operation on other RTC platforms is not assumed.


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

2.0.0-RELESE Download page

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