LEGO Mindstorm NXT RT component

LEGO Mindstorms NXT RT-Component

LEGO Mindstorms NXT is a collection of LEGO components for creating robots. It includes 3 motors, 4 types of sensor and an intelligent brick, the NXT brick, for connecting and controlling them. NXT is connected via USB or Bluetooth to a PC, from which it can be directly controlled and programmed. It can also be loaded with user-created programs for operation independent of a PC.

This article will describe how to create an RT-Component (RTC) for the intelligent brick on a PC and, using other components, control connected motors and read connected sensors. With a single component for the NXT brick, controlling motors and reading sensors using existing RT-Components is simple.


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

2.0.0-RELESE Download page

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Motion editor/Dynamics simulator


Dynamics simulator


Integrated Development Platform

AIST RTC collection

RT-Components collection by AIST


Tokyo Opensource Robotics Association


Middleware for DAQ (Data Aquisition) by KEK