Installing and Starting RTCBuilder

Installing and Starting RTC Builder

Installing RTC Builder

RTC Builder is an Eclipse plugin. As such, it requires that Eclipse and supporting Eclipse plugins are installed first. See the Requirements section for download links. The Eclipse install is simply extracting the archive. Plugins should be copied into the plugins directory in the Eclipse directory. To install RTC Builder, copy its jar file (jp.go.aist.rtm.rtcbuilder_X.X.X.jar) into the eclipse/plugins directory in the directory you extracted the Eclipse archive to.

Starting RTC Builder

The first time Eclipse is started, a Welcome page similar to that shown below will be displayed.

Eclipse first start screen

Click the cross in the upper left of this page to close it.

Change perspective

Click the Open Perspective button in the top right and select Other...

Select Perspective

Select RTC Builder and it will start.

RTC Builder start screen

Creating a project for RTC Builder

Before generating a new RT Component, an Eclipse project for the component should be created. From the File menu, select New->Project.

Creating a project for RTC Builder 1

In the displayed dialog, choose Other and then RTC Builder and click Next.

Creating a project for RTC Builder 2

Enter a project name and click Finish.

Creating a project for RTC Builder 3

A project with the chosen name will be created and added to the package explorer.

Creating a project for RTC Builder 4

A default RTC profile XML file (RTC.xml) is automatically added to the new project.

Starting the RTC Profile Editor

Click the Open New RtcBuilder Editor button in the toolbar or select Open New Builder Editor from the File menu to start the RTC Profile Editor.

Open New RtcBuilder Editor button in the toolbar Open New Builder Editor option in the File menu


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

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