DDC4RTC specification adopted by OMG and FTF started


In the last OMG technical meeting held in Cambridge MA USA from June 18th to 22nd, DDC4RTC (Dynamic Deployment and Configuration for Robotic Technology Component) specification was adopted. In response to this, a charter for organizing FTF (Finalization Task-Force) was charted and approved. FTF will make the adopted DDC4RTC specification completed over one year, and it will officially be published from OMG. It is planned that AIST (National Institute of Industrial Science and Technology) Japan and ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) Korea that are submitter of the DDC4RTC specification implement according to the adopted specification.


DDC4RTC is a standard specification that includes not only simple deployment and configuration (also known as D&C or DnD) but also dynamic DnC according to internal and/or external events. A DnC specification named DEPL (Deployment And Configuration Of Component-Based Distributed Applications) is already standardized in OMG. However, dynamic DnC mechanism is not specified in the DEPL specification and its component model assumed in the specification is different from RTC model.

DDC4RTC, which is adopted this time, extends the DEPL specification in order to apply it to RTC's component model, and it includes SupervisorFSM that is characteristic mechanism to realize dynamic deployment and configuration.

FTF (Finalization Task-Force)

According to the OMG standardization process, FTF, which is a task-force to finalize specification document for official release, is organized for a year after the submitted specification document is adopted by the architecture board. During FTF activity, the details of specification are examined in parallel with implementation, and modest amendment and modification of inconsistent specification that become clear from implementation process are performed. Finally official specification document is completed after these process.

FTF for DDC4RTC is organized as follows.

  • Noriaki Ando (Co-Chair), AIST
  • Seung-Woog Jung (Co-Chair), ETRI
  • Takashi Suehiro, UEC
  • Takeshi Sakamoto, Shibaura Institute of Technology
  • Takashi Tsubouchi, University of Tsukuba
  • Geoffrey Biggs, JARA
  • HongSeong Park, Kangwon National University
  • Chuljong Hwang, KAR
  • Manfred Koethe, 88solutions


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