Install OpenRTP 1.2


We provide RTCBuilder and RTSystemEditor to support the development of RT System. These two tools are collectively called OpenRTP. RTCBuilder and RTSystemEditor are development tools created as plug-ins for the Eclipse integrated development environment. Therefore, to use RTCBuilder and RTSystemEditor, you need to install Eclipse and Java development environment. It can be easily installed by using the bulk installation script and the MSI file. (See the link below).

Install with using the installer

This section describes how to install RTSystemEditor and RPCBuilder (OpenRTP) using the installer.

Installation on Windows

Please install using the above link. By default, all software supported by this installer will be installed. If necessary, select [Custom] during installation, and install OpenRTP and the OpenRTM-aist runtime and development environment according to the language used for development. (Currently, verification of non-default installations is not sufficient, so there is a possibility that problems may occur, such as that some required installations may not be installed. Install additional items separately at the case.)

Installation on Linux

Get the bulk installation script from the following link:

with root privileges, type in  $ sudo sh -l openrtp --yes

This is a character string that specifies the type of the OS to be installed, and can be one of ubuntu, debian, raspbian, or fedora.

 ("Sudo" may not need to be specified by using separate su command depending on the environment.)

Also, OpenRTP itself is a development tool, and in actual use, a language-compatible development environment must be installed. Therefore, please note that it is necessary to install OpenRTM-aist according to the development target by specifying one of c ++, python, and java with the -l option in the batch installation.

Install JDK8

To use OpenRTP, a JDK equivalent to JDK8 is required. The installer installs Open JDK8 to run Eclipse, which is the platform that runs OpenRTP, but if you need another JDK to meet the licensing conditions and support conditions, please follow the link below. Refer to and install JDK8 separately. Also, on some operating systems, a JDK other than JDK8 is installed by default, so you may need to remove it from the default use. Please refer to the link below even in that case.

Also, the JDK used to execute the OpenRTP Eclipse environment must be set separately in the OpenRTP GUI (Eclipse GUI). After starting OpenRTP, select [Window]> [Settings]. From the dialog that opens, click [>] next to [Java] and click [Installed JRE] to set.