Repository View

The Repository View can load and read files describing RT Components and display them in a repository. As well as displaying locally-stored files, it can also connect to remote repositories and display the information from them in a tree.

Displaying the Repository View

From the Window menu, select Views, then Other.

Selecting the Repository View

By selecting Repository View, the Repository View will be started and displayed.

Repository View start screen

Local operation

Locally-stored RT Component specifications are loaded and displayed in a tree view.

Repository View (local operation)

Loading files

Right-click within the Repository View area and select Load File from the context menu. Use the displayed file selector dialog to select an RT Component specification to load. The file selector dialog will only display XML files.

Loading a file

When loading a locally-stored specification file, the absolute path will be displayed at the top level of the tree hierarchy. The second level will display the category specified by the component in the file. The third level will display the name of the component contained in the file.

Loading directories

All components in a directory can be loaded in a single action. Right-click in the Repository View and select Load Dir from the context menu. A directory selector dialog will be displayed. Select a directory to load. All components in that directory will be loaded into the Repository View and displayed as with loading individual files.

After loading a directory


Right-click on a component in the Repository View and select Delete from the context menu. Paths, categories and components can be deleted.


When deleting a top-level path, all categories and components below that path are deleted at the same time. If a component is deleted, and there are no more components in the same category, that category will be deleted. If there are no other categories, the top-level directory will also be deleted.


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

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