Build form the source code (On Linux)

If you want to install from the source package on Linux, you need to build OpenRTM-aist-Python yourself. The following explains the build procedure on Ubuntu 18.04.

Supported OS and distribution

OpenRTM-aist-Python has been confirmed to work on the following OS and Linux distributions.
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian (Supporting versions of OPenRTM-aist are limited)
  • Fedora (Supporting versions of OpenRTM-aist are limited )

You may be able to build OpenRTM-aist python on a Linux/UNIX environment other than the above if it is a normal Linux/UNIX environment.

Dependent library

The following development environment and libraries are required to install OpenRTM-aist-Python-1.2.1.
  • python: required to use build tools
  • omniORBpy: Required for OpenRTM-aist build (IDL compilation)

Please install according to the documentation of each software. If these packages are installed under standard directories (/ usr, /usr/lib/, etc.), the subsequent OpenRTM-aist-Python build will be relatively easy.

On Ubuntu and Debian, you can install the software by the following command.

 $ sudo apt-get install python-omniorb-omg omniidl-python omniorb-nameserver

Download source

Download the OpenRTM-aist-Python source.

Extracting source code

  • Unzip the source code package OpenRTM-aist-Python-1.2.1.tar.gz into an appropriate directory.
     $ tar xvzf OpenRTM-aist-Python-X.X.X.tar.gz
     $ cd OpenRTM-aist-Python-X.X.X


OpenRTM-aist-Python uses the distutils module to build packages. Build the package in the same way as other packages using distutils.

 $ python build [options]

Available options in [options] can be found by:

 $ python --help


After the build is completed successfully, install the Python modules and utility commands by the following command:

 $ sudo python install

This completes the build and installation from the source code.


latest Releases : 2.0.0-RELESE

2.0.0-RELESE Download page

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