Generate NXTRTC base code

Generate the NXT RTC template

We shall use RtcTemplate to generate a template component. You can use the command line tool, rtc-template, or the Eclipse-based tool, RtcTemplate, to create the component.

If using rtc-template, make a batch file containing the following (remember to adjust paths as necessary):

 python "C:\Program Files\OpenRTM-aist\0.4\utils\rtc-template\" -bpython^
  --module-name=NXTRTC --module-desc="NXT sample component"^
  --module-version=0.1 --module-vendor=AIST --module-category=example^
  --module-comp-type=DataFlowComponent --module-act-type=SPORADIC^
  --outport=pos:TimedFloatSeq --outport=sens:TimedFloatSeq^

Executing rtc-template using a created gen.bat:

 > gen.bat
  python "C:\Program Files\OpenRTM-aist\0.4\utils\rtc-template\"
  -bpython --module-name=NXTRTC --module-desc="NXT sample component" 
  --module-version=0.1 --module-vendor=AIST --module-category=example 
  --module-comp-type=DataFlowComponent --module-act-type=SPORADIC 
  --module-max-inst=10 --inport=vel:TimedFloatSeq 
  --outport=pos:TimedFloatSeq --outport=sens:TimedFloatSeq
   File "" was generated.
   File "README.NXTRTC" was generated.
   File "NXTRTC.yaml" was generated.

If using RtcTemplate under Eclipse, use the following options:
  • Programing language selection: Python
  • Module definition
    • Module name: NXTRTC
    • Module decription: NXT sample component
    • Module version: 0.1
    • Module vender: AIST
    • Module category: example
    • Component type: DataFlowComponent
    • Component's activity type: SPORADIC
    • Number of maximum instance: 10
  • InPort definition
    • Ports: Name:vel Type:TimedFloatSeq
  • OutPort definition
    • Ports: Name:pos, Type:TimedFloatSeq
    • Ports: Name:sens, Type:TimedFloatSeq
  • ConfigurationSet definition
    • Cfg Sets: Name:map, Type:string, Default Value: A,B

Following these instructions should create the file containing the template component.


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