Composite Component View

Composite Component View location

The composite component view displays the public information about the selected composite component, as well as change which ports are publically available.

Composite Component View

No. Description
Composite component instance name.
Component component type name.
Port public/non-public status.
Instance names of the composite component's child components.
Port names of the child components.
Apply changes to port public/non-public status.
Cancel changes to port public/non-public status.

Settings edited in the composite component view are not applied until button ⑥ is pressed. Changed but not applied values are highlighted in red. Ports selected in the system editor are highlighted in yellow.

Changing a port between public and non-public.

Port selected in the system editor.

Composite component ports that are connected to ports of other components in the system editor are highlighted in grey and cannot be edited.

Port connected to another component