Building from source in Windows

For those who wish to install from a source package, it is possible to build OpenRTM-aist-python manually.

Source code for Windows

The OpenRTM-aist (Python version) source package for Windows is distributed separately from the source for Linux. The contents of the source code are exactly the same but the following parts are different.

  • Character code (Windows: Shift-JIS, Linux: EUC)

Source code organisation

Original is source code of subversion repository, from its source code, on Linux,

  • Source code distribution package for Linux/Unix
  • Source code distribution package for Windows

Two types,

On Windows,

  • Source code distribution package for Windows

It is configured to create only one type of.

Build environment

The necessary tools and libraries for building are:

  • Python
  • omniORBpy


Python 2.7 is required. Please obtain the latest version from the following site and install it.

When launching the installer, there are some parts to select in the wizard, You can install by default.


The omniORBpy library is necessary to build the Python edition of OpenRTM-aist. omniORBpy can be obtained from the link below. Source packages and binaries are available. However, provides a pre-built binary installer that may be more convenient.

When you unzip the ZIP file, the directory tree shown below should be expanded. Please place the files under each directory in the Python directory as indicated below. The version of omniORBpy is described as x.y, and the version of Python as X.Y.

 + omniPRBpy-x.y
  + bin
    + x86_win32 -> both exe and dll go directly under C:\PythonXY
  + doc -> may be deleted
  + examples -> may be deleted
  + idl -> may be deleted but it may be placed under C:\PythonXY\Lib\site-packages\omniORB\idl
  + lib
    + python -> directly below C:\PythonXY\Lib\site-packages directory and files
    + x86_win32 -> .pyd directly under C:\PythonXY\Lib\site-packages

Obtaining a source package.

Download a source package, named, and extract it in a suitable directory.


Start a command prompt and change to the directory where you extracted the source code. Execute the following commands.

 > OpenRTM-aist-Python-X.X.X
 > python build


Once everything has built successfully, execute the following command to install it.

 > python install

This completes the installation of OpenRTM-aist.