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OpenRTM-aist is a software platform to develop the robotic system in component-oriented.

In OpenRTM-aist, the robot system system can be constructed by making the program of each functional element (This is called RT-Component:RTC), and connecting those RT-Components. The RT component can develop in C++, Python, and Java language, and supports main OS(Linux/Unix, Windows, Mac OS X).Eclipse tools and the tool of the command line can be used for the component development and the system development using the component.

OpenRTM-aist Developer's Guide


This document is RT-Component developer's guide. This document describes how to develop RTCs and how to integrate a system by using RTCs, with a basic section and an advanced section. It also describes more detailed internal structure of OpenRTM-aist.

Old documentation

OpenRTM-aist class references


The latest class references

This class references are automatically generated from the newest source codes on the repository. Some features must be different from release version's OpenRTM-aist.