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Web forums to discuss and share information about OpenRTM-aist and generic RT-Middleware topics are available. Some of forums are linked bidirectionally with mailing-lists. To submit topics to forums, user registration is necessary.


Forums Description Maling-list
OpenRTM-aist related topics
OpenRTM-users Forum for OpenRTM-aist users discussion. Generic discussions are here.
OpenRTM-beginners Forum for OpenRTM-aist beginner users. Trivial questions are also welcome.
OpenRTM-devel OpenRTM-aist developers forum. Deep discussions for OpenRTM-aist internal and specifications are here.
RT-Component related topics係
RT-Component Forum to discuss available RT-Components. N/A
Interfaces Forum to discuss RT-Component's service interfaces. N/A
OMG Standards Forums to discuss standardization in OMG. N/A

To forum attendees

Welcome broad and constructive discussions on OpenRTM-aist and its components.